Contactless War Instead of Cold War


The Cold War arose due to the nature of its era, was named, and was finally completed. Various ideas about the Cold War are being put forward today. In my opinion, various discussions can be made using that name – for example, Cold War 2 – but basically that page is closed. How Does?

The United States was the winning side of the Cold War. The United States gained a lot of experience from the operation of this period; economic, military, political, etc. The Cold War is a form of competition at the highest level of the bipolar order; There are conflicts and intense friction issues in it. Over time, the Cold War was understood by the USA as follows: This is the method and it is possible to achieve victory with this method. That’s what happened! The loser was the USSR.

Conditions have changed quite a bit. Two important changes took precedence: First, the Fourth Industrial Revolution; The second is Globalization.

Under these conditions, Russia aims to reach a “Polycentric World” order in its strategy. For this purpose, it wants to see the points that overlap with China’s strategy.

Well, does the US, the winner of the Cold War, target a similar process or does it name a new understanding? The USA evaluates the current situation and does not want to give the initiative to its rivals, Russia and China, implements dominant policies, wants to be successful again with its own rules, and does not even think of risking the process. This is not about adventure!

In that case, the methods that the USA calls Full Spectrum War, and today, called Multi Domain Operations within the same scope, suppress the field are being applied. This includes Smart Power implementation and Collaboration with Partners. With this understanding, all the elements and conveniences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are used and Global targets are taken as a basis.

As a result, the United States is practicing Non-Contact Warfare today. This includes getting others to fight (for example, in Ukraine in conflict areas including its rival Russia); The planet’s only military pact, NATO, is to use it in deterrence, cyberspace, the Arctic region, and China’s expansion (or movement).

All nations and international organizations should consider this war method of the USA. This is a picture of the USA leading an active and dynamic period in the struggle for global supremacy.

USA is everywhere; Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indo-Asia, Middle East, Africa… US soldiers and proxies are on duty. Serious conflicts are taking place, but the USA seems to be standing in the background. There are economic, political, diplomatic, technological suppression issues. Sanctions are imposed on target countries and individuals. There is a big Information War going on. There is a Secret War, no one sees it anyway! Events unfold very quickly and everywhere. There are also various extraordinary and surprising agendas within the United States. Time is kept too short to anticipate and digest what is happening, and the next developments are put in front of real life. New normals are being introduced all the time.

Are we at war or at peace? Today it is difficult to give the full meaning of this question. It is difficult to predict where and when an event may develop, and to understand where the outcome may be complete! The Cold War includes developments that may seem more stagnant, scenarios and moves were predictable. In this new period, where the wind will blow from, this situation has become unknown for most people and countries. Today, they create big scenarios by experimenting with the contribution of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and all National/Global powers…

Will the US, the winner of the Cold War, win this time with the Contactless (Non-Contact) War? This is what is unknown. Because there is a very stressful and risky period ahead of us, in which we will spend watching hot developments, new concepts, techniques and formations in the world and cyberspace, at least until 2035. China, the main rival of the USA, is witnessing these, as well, by scrutinizing what is going on over Russia today.

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