Phoenix Ghost


In this struggle for supremacy of the parties and their supporters in the Russia-Ukraine War, the technological search continues. With the natural effect of this situation, technology companies are taking concrete steps on new opportunities for themselves, the national defense spectrum and warring parties’ solutions. One of the best examples in the war was Aevex Aerospace. The US Department of Defense supports such projects.

The Biden Administration released details of a new $800 million security package for Ukraine on April 21. Here is a detailed information about our subject from the spokesman John Kirby. To support the Ukrainian Air Force, 121 high-tech “Phoenix Ghost” armed drones will be delivered. (There will be additional shipments as the drones are produced, as Kirby says “more than 121”.)

Phoenix Ghost’s tests have been completed, its budget has been provided, and its shipment to Ukraine begins in April and operator training is given.

This kind of project and procurement method is also important for the USA, and it is possible to come across such practical examples from now on. The feature of this project and procurement method on the US scale; It is a fast project in which it is free from cumbersome hierarchy and bureaucratic procedures, the Pentagon creates teams with small companies, it is an example of new technologies that can be sent to the field of rapid production and operations, where it is designed according to breakthrough technologies.

Phoenix Ghost drones were designed and produced by Aevex Aerospace in a short time with the Ukraine operation in mind.


  • Switchblade, portable
  • Thrown vertically
  • Quiet, hard to detect and track
  • Flight time: 6 hours
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Against all types of low and medium armored targets at sea and on the surface
  • Capable of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence (ISR) in the target area
  • Sensor: Optical and infrared during the day, infrared at night
  • One-way Flight
  • Explosive mount: Small warhead

John Kirby at the Pentagon gave me some very interesting details. For example, he says, “It was developed for a set of requirements that very closely match what Ukrainians currently need in Donbass.”

As is known, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky constantly complains about the lack of air power. The success with the use of TB2s is evident. However, it seems that the most obvious example of hitting Russia with technology will be this Phoenix Ghost. This is the concept that will be seen from now on for this type of combat method that does not have air superiority but will inflict heavy losses on the enemy on the field.

As it will be remembered, the “concept of using UAV in the field of operation”, which had very good results against the Russian weapon inventory in Syria Idlib and the Karabakh War by Azerbaijan, was developed by the Turks. With the addition of different technological opportunities in Ukraine, such a method has become permanent among warfare methods from now on.

Another detail from Kirby is this. “The U.S. Army has already trained a small number of Ukrainian soldiers on how to use the Hundreds of Switchblade UAVs, which have been delivered to the country since the Russian attack on February 24. “

In this case, the USA confirms that it has supplied various types of kamikaze drones to Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

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ABD Ukrayna’ya Yeni Teknoloji “Phoenix Ghost” Kamikaze Drone Veriyor


Ukrayna-Rusya Savaşının Durum Değerlendirmesi (G60)

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