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Yesterday, the letter of the US State Department to Congress was spoken. He says that F-16s should be given to Turkey, because it is in the interests of the USA and would be beneficial for NATO. F-16s were already produced as an intermediate formula. The main issue was the removal of Turkey from the F-35 program. I think you should not leave the lost without getting it back! First, the United States should reintroduce Turkey into the F-35 program, then Turkey should consider what to buy or not. Because time has revealed that Turkey is right, I do not accept that the American Senators, who have been operating against Turkey for a long time, dismiss the issue with this intermediate formula without an apology.

Turkey bought the S-400 Air Defense System from Russia. The USA has heavily criticized Turkey on this issue and at all levels. He even implemented a covert arms embargo and put it on the target in politics. Today, with the Ukraine War, a very different situation has arisen. we have covered every subject, but this should not, in my opinion, underestimate the important point; Time proved Turkey right.

I will not repeat the reasons why the S-400s were purchased, and how Turkey is tried to be excluded by the negative policies pursued by the United States, with the opposition led by some senators. In the context of the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel, Syria, even the Gulf States, Greece and Greek Cyprus, but mostly by bringing together the kinds of issues that point to energy issues, US senators took a stance against Turkey. As if Turkey was not a NATO ally; Countries like France, which came into the perspective of these US politicians, almost took a stance against Turkey together. But what was the result?

Since the pre-Ukrainian War, Turkey has faced every issue; He chose to deal with each topic within his own file, always being a solutionist, not hostile but pro-peace, and endeavored to implement foreign policy with principles. Turkey, which clearly and strongly criticizes the annexation of Crimea as soon as the Ukraine War begins; Who is right and who is wrong in this war, he has expressed this, he provided arms and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, he gave political and diplomatic support to Ukraine, he increased the diplomatic initiatives that he had started before to appease Russia’s extremist attitudes, and if there will be a peace or a ceasefire, He gave the impression that he could only be under the guarantor of Turkey, which is what happened as a result. Other considerations can be added as well.

Our topic is the S-400s, a defense system. As you know, Turkey bought (had to) buy S-400 from Russia on the one hand, and gave TB-2 to Ukraine on the other. This means that the preparation and implementation of the files in this way was an indication of how balanced a move was made in the Black Sea from the very beginning. The United States and its Partners were unable to meet Zelensky’s request for the protection of Ukrainian airspace. Russia counted such a step as a reason for war. There were also difficulties in practice.

On the other hand, the USA and its partners sought various formulas for the supply of medium-altitude air defense systems to Ukraine and especially the capital city of Kiev. It was considered and even suggested to buy S-300 from some of the former USSR countries (this was also the subject of S-300s in Greece) and give it to Ukraine. The USA also planned to give its own Russian-origin defense weapons to Ukraine, I don’t know exactly what the result is. Some thoughtless US senators came out again and said, Let’s give Turkey’s S-400s to Ukraine. What happened? It means that it may be necessary to use Russian weapons in a geography that is under the protection umbrella of the USA, Europe and NATO! Does being like this mean a threat to the powers I’ve mentioned, or does it make their job easier? This is what Turkey has said from the very beginning, “The defensive weapon in my hand is also a contribution to the defense of my allies.” Isn’t the result like this?

It may be on the agenda now, the USA can speed up the procurement processes for weapons systems, especially the F-16, which is Turkey’s demand. In fact, the F-35 may restart the partnership with Turkey, which it removed from the project. Because the S-400s were shown as the reason for their removal from the F-35 project.

But more importantly, Turkey is a reliable NATO ally, taking a very firm stance for regional and world security. You know, some foreign politicians and circles unnecessarily ask, “Is Turkey moving towards Russia or should it be removed from NATO?” They made statements like that and chose to fuel the fire, now we can ask, what happened? Turkey is a NATO ally, and on March 24, it was once again proven in Brussels that it “would not be without Turkey”.

Turkey’s outbursts about humanity and suggestions to correct the mistakes of international institutions are known. However, it was clearly revealed by the performance during the Ukrainian War; Turkey is more sincere and reliable than its other allies in terms of its understanding of defense; It wants peace and stability more than any country.

Time justified Turkey like this; but really, if innocent people had never seen this cruelty in the war and Turkey could be handed over to its rightful way, if there had been no discriminatory and divisive policies!

For Turkey, the S-400 is a finished matter. Turkey may purchase other air defense weapons if necessary. However, these self-seeking Senators should first come out and apologize to Turkey about their ugly foreign policy to deliberately steer all US circles and NATO countries aside. Why Turkey was excluded from the F-35 program, since that reason is invalid today, it should be returned in the same way and Turkey should be included in the program again, that’s the apology.

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Gursel Tokmakoglu

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