Economic War

3 Mart 2022

Analysis of Russia’s Ukraine War

What is happening on the Ukrainian front? Let's look more at the tactical and operational situation. Let's explain what Russia's possible action plan might look like. Let's point out the weaknesses and advantages. Let's give an evaluation of the operation so that we have

The Main Rivalry 

23 Şubat 2022
6 mins read
We were aware from the beginning that this issue was not a Ukraine Crisis. This is the biggest issue after the Second World War. The main rivalry is between the USA and Russia. Now I'm going to explain to you in a very short run, by just covering the headlines, what this high risk can mean. There is a risk here, and it's called the New Cold War. This article is at least a guide for you to follow the next developments easily, you will be able to develop your own thoughts by placing the stones in the right places.

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