Lucifer’s War

12 Nisan 2022

I will tell you about Lucifer’s War. The timeline is roughly as follows: In 2008, there is the wave of Global Economic Crisis (Lehman Brothers), the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ukraine War, there is already the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the subject of Climate Change… After 2021, there is a power struggle on the Silk Road. I just reminded them as touchstones. What I’m going to tell you is that the concept of the Long War, which is often mentioned by US leaders, includes what is inside. In the future people will wage a Neo-Medieval War.

It is very important even to describe a war with the right concepts and features. Moreover, the Ukrainian War took a very special place in the history of the world war. Because I have to say that ordinary speakers, those who interpret the news as they are, actually serve Lucifer. In this war, some individuals and institutions have a direct special mission; Feeding Lucifer! Then Lucifer is also destined for this war.


Russia is fighting from many sides… Russia attacked Ukraine. But the USA is right in this war. The USA is located in such a mysterious and strategic position that only those who know this art can understand the situation.

When I said, “The USA and NATO are providing intelligence support to Ukraine,” nobody asked, “Where did this come from?” This meant that it was taken for granted. US Secretary of Defense Austin, while making a statement to the Senate Committee, stated that they “provided intelligence to Ukraine”. Again, we don’t have a click, it’s like it’s known. “What does that mean? Why such support? I waited to see if anyone would ask, “Doesn’t it mean to be in a war to constantly give something like weapons, morale, money, intelligence, etc.?” For example, they probably don’t count the Intelligence War as a war; they can’t see it, it’s hidden!..

Lets continue. Yes, did anyone say, “There is support in Cyberspace, too”? I’m telling you, but I guess we’ll have to wait for Austin to reveal it again. What if he discloses it? This is what I want to tell: These are the subjects of the virtual world, our people understand bullets and bayonets, but the lightsaber is only in movies like Star Wars!

Of course, this isn’t a you-me case, it’s a license issue. Because if Russia has failed in some issues, there are those who are visible and those who are invisible! I want to point them out. In the fate of this war, the USA is at full throttle; 1) That he supported Ukraine, everyone’s mind was focused on this point; 2) but, in fact, he drew his lightsaber and fires inconspicuous strikes to defeat Russia for his own benefit. What are they? Intelligence War, Shadow War, Cyber ​​War, Information War, Economic War, etc. The Law of War is unfortunately not here.


Those who watched The Hunger Games, Mockingjay will remember that there was a great Information War as the bombs destroyed the earth (where the resistance was) with a kinetic effect. Besides the bombs, the real war was fought over the media, perhaps because it was more effective.

Think of the Ukraine War, for example Mariupol, where people are in bunkers, bombs and rockets are being thrown at them, but there is also a Virtual War realm outside; shootings, propaganda, disinformation and now the allegations of “chemical weapons were used”.

Satellites are collecting data and information is falling on Twitter, everyone is sharing it, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok… Tik Tok…


Look at this expression, days or hours before the fall of Mariupol: Putin, who Biden came to Warsaw to call himself a “butcher,” Commander of the Second Chechen War, notorious as the Butcher of Aleppo in Syria, (there are people who say more, ) appointed General Aleksandr Dvornikov, who was famous for using chemical weapons!

Influencing the masses, using powerful weapons in the media means increasing the power of concepts.

While President Putin is sending General Dvornikov to Ukraine, many images are taken in the palace and served to the media. Conscious!

“To spread fear” is an issue in war. But more so it gives people a Neo-Medieval War connotation.

Who knows which mercenary companies exist in Ukraine today, they made us memorize the names of some of them. However, if mercenaries and proxies have increased on the battlefields, it means Neo-Medieval War.

You’re in a shambles, out of war gold: Are you afraid or do you expect the supply chain problem to be resolved as soon as possible? There is both fear and anxiety as well as deprivation and poverty! They leave the drug together…

By the way, today Zelensky said, “Give me heavy weapons and we’ll save Mariupol.” Weapons are an easy to find and giveable commodity.

A few hours later, “FLASH!” The news started: “Russia used chemical weapons in Mariupol…” Almost everyone started to share this kind of information, regardless of whether anyone examined or confirmed it… “The soldiers in the field said so,” it was said. Of course, medical evidence is required to confirm. But more than that, such an effective topic needs to be said and repeated over and over.

Let’s say there was a chemical attack, but at this point, where do we put this media development that is squinting and not disturbing people at all? We are still at war. One side influences the other, with global media power.

Then there is something I have to say here; We are in such an age that even those outside the war are like robots, the button is pressed from here, everyone starts to do their duty. There are new topics such as the Virtual Realm, the Metaverse Realm, a core of which has been formed in the world, or it seems like everyone is working on it so that it can settle down more solidly.


I watched with amazement when the USA was leaving in Afghanistan, the people who were caught on the plane, some of them at a young age, were falling to the ground after take-off. Televisions gave these images, they were broadcast in the media, everyone shared them… At that time, I wrote as follows: “Real” images are constantly being shared in the media about the Taliban, the people of Afghanistan, Kabul, Kabul Airport. Interestingly, all of these are exemplary, not the kind that make Afghanistan, America, politics, humanity question deeply. We will keep in our memories and talk about the images of the chaos and drama unfolded in Afghanistan for decades. However, if we consider these experiences or what we have witnessed within the scope of “new normalization” within the context of “global change”, these exemplary images will be “begotten” and this will be the “main bad” for the history of humanity…

Worst of all, here’s Lucifer for you!

Another thought of those who organize the ecosystem of conflicts is to create a sufficiently exploitable state of disorder, instability, chaotic conditions, depreciation (corruption, deprivation, poverty, litigation with realities and life…). So the architects of the conflict put it into action by arranging it in such a way that they fight the environment. It takes a long time, but that’s how it is. These are the regulations in which the intelligence services have worked like lace for many years.

Let’s refer these matters to Lucifer… Being a collective taker! Why do people want such an outcome so much? If this is the case, everyone is responsible for taking the right step, there is nothing more to say. Sometimes even institutions cannot protect people! Because “ecosystem setup” is important in an Intelligence War.


Lucifer’s War is the Long War, also known as the Neo-Medieval War. This is medieval warfare, but the highest technology is at work… In Lucifer’s War there is humanity on one side and the dominant forces using the Virtual Realm on the other.

They ask, “When will this war end?” I say “just started”. “When will China step in,” they say. “In 2027, the People’s Liberation Army will complete its preparations to a large extent, after which it will begin its own tests,” I say.

In this case, Russia will continue its war between 2022-2027. But the front is not only Ukraine. Ukraine has never been the main front for Lucifer’s War anyway. The years 2035 will contain very difficult times. Lucifer’s War will continue until 2049, when the Great Rejuvenation project of the People’s Republic of China will be completed.

I can predict a little later. However, I would like to remind you again about the “transformation” of humanity in one direction.

NOTE: Due to intellectual property rights, you can use this information by reference.

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