Neo-Medieval War


Day 42 of the Ukrainian-Russian War. Death stalks… How is the real war of the soldier? What are the problems of Russian soldiers? Where did Ukraine go wrong? Will there be a reward for what happened in Bucha? Will the United Nations find a solution? How about the wars constructed by imperialism? Is there justice?

Account for it, 42 days ago: USA has placed more troops in Europe, NATO has become stronger, Nordic countries Sweden and Finland are considering joining NATO, besides, there is heavy destruction, tears and brutality in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky said that NATO is not necessary for them. So what did Russia lose? What does the experience describe to us? Get ready, it can take 42 days like this!

The morale and motivation of the Russian army was low, this was an important finding and there were many signs confirming this. Russia recovered and withdrew from Kyiv and Chernihiv exactly one month after the operation. A few days after the start of the operation, the situation emerged, Russia was going to start to destroy. The name of Russia’s operation was “Special Operation”! The date is April 6, 2022. Today, the operation continues in Luhansk, south of Izium and Mariupol. Stone is not set in Mariupol. It is said that the Russians brought reinforcements from South Ossetia and Wagner to the region. Unsuccessful battalions retreated from the front.

The soldiers sent by Moscow to fight against Ukraine, who are not very professional, do not know the residential conflict. Kyiv did not become a Grozny. But Mariupol is reminiscent of Grozny. Mariupol is so dramatic!

“Russia has sunk in the mud,” I said days ago. They said that this great Russia will win anyway. Today is the 42nd day, and the Russian army, which could not hold on to those Kyiv and Chernihiv positions, and could not enter Kharkiv and Sumy, returned to their places 43 days ago. “Jump over Kharkiv and go south, the staff mind demands it,” I said, not because I wanted to but to point out a mistake. Seen 42 days later, Russia has set out to do this and wants to change its stagnation in Luhansk and move forward.

The Ukrainian army also made mistakes. But they still defended their homeland and continue to defend it.

The soldier of an educated, disciplined and good army fights bravely only as a requirement of military service. A brave soldier appears in front of a brave soldier. The real war is between soldiers. That’s why the Law of War exists. Civilians cannot be used as weapons on the battlefield. If civilians went to war, they are militia. The status of militias is also written in the Law of War.

Civilians are not used as shields on the battlefield, and guns and molotovs are not given to them as if they were in line. The price of war is heavy! These are not ordinary issues. The soldier announces on the battlefield, “surrender, evacuate the area, I gave you time,” he says. If these announcements are not followed and it is the heart of the conflict, he will be fired upon.

However, a civilian cannot be raped or tortured, only cowards do it.

An untrained, armed, and unprofessional gathered army cannot bear the weight of the battlefield! The Russian army is an untrained and troubled army that has been shifted from the depths of the country to the front, which even has cultural differences within itself. Today such armies cannot wage regular warfare. Moreover, they can bear the heavy burden of the residential conflict, and fight knowing their subtleties…

It is clear what the US soldiers, who seem to be educated but not culturally prepared for war, did in Fallujah, Iraq. Today, while Russia is punishing itself for the lack of professionalism in its military in Ukraine, it seems as if the Ukrainian civilians and militias are paying the price. They tarnish the honor of military service, it is unacceptable.

Because of all this, only a soldier understands what is going on on the battlefield! The longer the Ukrainian-Russian war drags on, the more problems will become. What happened in Bucha was brutal, but this is not the first time!

Lean on someone, get results… That’s not how it really works! Where is that someone now? weapons on Ukraine and sanctions on Russia; more and more each time! There is no such war… It is a death anyway!

Those who are cowardly and undisciplined among the military commit crimes. The real war is not with cowards. Russians and others, examine and you will see; They’re fighting a Neo-Medieval War.

No crime on the battlefield! It’s obvious that Russian soldiers killed civilians as they retreated. Yesterday, President of Ukraine Zelensky addressed the United Nations: “Where are you?”

Unfortunately, there is still no consensus on what the global norms should be or their implementation. However, policy and conceptual problems should not hinder the functioning of international institutions. Are we going to live in a world that can’t describe crime? We are human! We will not succumb to political bullshit, dead-end institutions and empty concepts!

Human is human! It’s not white or black. Neither crime nor war crime is acceptable. International institutions, including the UN, are not enough, they do not represent and protect people on the civilized line they deserve. The strong can do whatever they want. The scales of justice are broken at the beginning. The fish stinks from the head! Whatever disregards humanity, they are the main enemies of humanity. International institutions should be made operational. Justice must be established. In the continuation of the order established and protected by the victors of wars, wars cannot be prevented and civilians cannot be protected at all. All criminal violators do the same over and over again. Justice must have a properly deterrent structure, this issue cannot be achieved with such wrongly designed institutional structures.

We do not live in the Middle Ages. We need to spoil the game of those who want to take the world back to the Middle Ages. It is very difficult to survive the war built by imperialism. Imperialism in the Ukraine War Today; Is Russia, EU, USA or Britain different from their previous eras? What they set up is as follows: “I will always be the only one who receives and gives more!” Those in this position also have a say in the UN. Look at this situation, it’s very fair, isn’t it? Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is asked to make a decision… It is said that Bucha should be questioned. What about other atrocities?

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Gursel Tokmakoglu

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