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5 Şubat 2014

Ulusaşırı Devlet Sistemi ve Türkiye

Bu makale belki bir politik tez olarak okunabilir. Ama asıl amaç bugün topluma karmaşıkmış gibi gelen önemli konuları analiz etmeye yardımcı olmaktır. Belli ki bazı devletler ve özellikle ifade etmeliyim ki küresel aktörler bu işin aritmetiğini çözmüşler. Türkiye için ise duruma daha farklı bakmak
1 Ocak 2021

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Decision Time for Ukraine

25 Nisan 2022
5 mins read
In this article, I will give some procedural explanations. By doing so, I will be able to clarify for you the situation that affects the outcome of this operation between Ukraine and Russia. The situation on the Joe Biden side is more understandable. Besides, I am one of the most revealing of the capacity used by the USA and its Partners in this war with their real intentions so far. But if the situation is explained comparatively, it will be seen that it will not be difficult to understand Vladimir Putin's options.

The Main Rivalry 

23 Şubat 2022
6 mins read
We were aware from the beginning that this issue was not a Ukraine Crisis. This is the biggest issue after the Second World War. The main rivalry is between the USA and Russia. Now I'm going to explain to you in a very short run, by just covering the headlines, what this high risk can mean. There is a risk here, and it's called the New Cold War. This article is at least a guide for you to follow the next developments easily, you will be able to develop your own thoughts by placing the stones in the right places.

Russia Under Pressure

1 Şubat 2022
4 mins read
The second phase of the Western strategy of Ukraine against Russia has been launched. The plan goals that the USA and Europe have implemented in order to improve the gains they have achieved so far are taking the next step. On the other hand Russia is considering its own chess move, will it take a queen or a pawn? Because the West provided fortification with its castles, horses and elephants and brought the game to a certain point.

Putin Doctrine

30 Ocak 2022
8 mins read
In this article, you will find clues about the security guarantees given by the USA to Russia, the Putin Doctrine, the Eurasian Economic Union project, the importance of Ukraine, the idea of ​​the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the Helsinki Declaration. We will evaluate what we should understand when you read all these together.

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