Alexander’s Knot

18 Haziran 2022

At this stage, it can be said that the conditions for the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine have been met. I’m not saying the end of the war, I’m talking about a truce. The dominant forces are taking their due, it seems that this stage has been reached in the war.

We remember that Alexander the Great untied the difficult knot with a sword blow. This is a practical method. In Ukraine, the knot is untied, but with the sword!

While this theater stage is opening, the following questions are asked to create surprise in the audience:

  • What is being talked about today? Neo-Nazi, dictator, fascist, imperialist… How far will these concepts help Ukrainians return to their homes? How long will the farmers plant their fields? Who will guarantee the realization of grain exports to African countries under the threat of hunger? What is the United Nations’ function here? Are these issues viewed as “if we send three more artillery batteries, everything will be fine” or “three more Russian oligarchs should be sanctioned”? What was the opinion of the Ukrainians, did anyone ask at the beginning of these works? Why didn’t they push forward a referendum in the initial period? What was the purpose?

We can say the following about some of the actors and their relations: Zelensky’s supporter is the USA, today the enforcer is Biden, Russia’s interlocutor is not Zelensky, but this powerful structure inside the USA. Under these conditions, Biden and It’s Putin. You can add other actors to these equations, respectively. For example, European Union, England, other G7 countries…

Think about it, while Putin’s Second Phase Special Operation in Donbas is coming to completion, if a ceasefire is not made, what if the Russian army advances towards Odessa!… The USA and England, especially the European and international system, do not want this, as if to say “solve this here”. A souffle is taken.

This can be thought of as a theater script that I will write.


The initial phase situation tells Zelensky of USA and Partners:

  • “We will support you in liberating your country from occupation.”

Conditions change. It is now obvious that Putin will not leave the Donbas and Crimea. Western interests need to be redefined in Ukraine. A divided Ukraine seems to be sufficient for now. Efforts should be made to persuade Zelensky and various circles. Conditions must be created for Zelensky to enter into a land bargain with Putin. Conditions need to be shown as if they were created spontaneously and the scene is prepared accordingly. In Davos, a breakthrough is made with the veteran diplomat and wise man Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger speaks:

  • “Europe’s security is unthinkable without Russia. Zelensky’s negotiation of peace with Putin should be on the agenda.

USA and its Partners change their mouths and make up their sentences. However, in the meantime, they must seem interested by visiting Kyiv a lot. They say to Zelensk:

  • “We fully support Ukraine to become a European Union country.”

Some weapons are given to Ukraine, but draw three conclusions from this: First, Western military doctrine, weapons inventory and education system are being passed on in Ukraine, and the Russian system is gradually abandoned while fighting. Second, sufficient firepower support is provided to determine the decisive point of the battle. Third, when this cost is to be paid later, an invoice with a long list will be left in front of Ukraine.

In the meantime, of course, the supplied weapons will not be enough to completely drive Russia out of Ukraine, but Zelensk must be constantly told that “victory will be yours”. This “victory” theme will be repeated until Putin and Zelensky agree.

Ukrainians exclaim:

  • “Victory will belong to Ukraine! Hurray!..”

From now on, Ukraine is in the position of “de facto member state of NATO”. Russia pressed it, said “I don’t want NATO”, but with its weapons, doctrine, policy and goals, Ukraine is now a NATO member Western country. Not only that, Ukraine has risen to the position of a country on the way to the European Union.

What is NATO striving for? NATO voices:

  • “If the borders of the EU and NATO are aligned, Europe’s security can be established.”

Which Ukraine? What price did he pay? Wars are like that.

The status of the battlefield is clear. At this point, Ukraine is getting tired. The firepower of the Ukrainian army is running out and the Western world is supplying it. However, at the tactical and operational levels, a balance can be struck in existing lines of contact. As a result, it is out of question for Russia to back out of its strategic goal.

Attention was diverted. There is talk of energy, hunger and migration… In fact, economic crises are growing and creating a global impact. Income inequalities are increasing almost everywhere in the world.

Even if it is said that this war is over today, just like after the World War, we need to see a long conference period starting from tomorrow in order for the global balances to be settled.

Putin did not find what he was looking for in the Kyiv region, succumbing to the fault of his own generals and the lack of his troops. He turned to another purpose. Today, Zelensky says, 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory is under Russian occupation. This makes about 150 thousand square kilometers. Well, South Korea’s surface area is 100 thousand square kilometers, can you imagine what that means?

Add to this global crisis the issues of natural gas, oil, critical mines and most importantly food… Consider even Ukraine, which could not get the harvest this year as it wanted and will not be able to plant next year… In this case, will Africa starve for a few years?

Note here, the actual situation now required:

  • “Oh, Putin, take Donbas and get Crimea. We also connect the remaining 80 percent of Ukraine to NATO and the EU…”

Has NATO expanded? Could Russia prevent this? Will the effort Putin calls “Special Operations” pay off? It’s like everyone gets what they get. On one condition, Ukrainians will have to digest this situation in this atmosphere.

The audience astonished the audience when Alexander untied this knot with a sword blow.

Audience applause…

NOTE: Due to intellectual property rights, you can use this information by reference.

Gursel Tokmakoglu

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