Deter or War


The White House and Western media are ringing war bells. They’re beating the bell faster so everyone can hear, the trolls are engaged too. Kiev assembled the war cabinet. Those who escalate, say, “There may even be a nuclear war.” Russia conducts exercises on the borders of Ukraine and Belarus; but that was obvious.

Why is the date of 15-16 February given for the occupation? It’s Olympics time! What does China say? What does a war like this have to do with the Olympics?

The date of the war is not advertised, but constant reminders of the time for deterrence can be seen as important.

Blinken and Lavrov met. “We are prepared to pay the price as Transatlantic,” Blinken said. Let’s see Putin and Biden meeting… Finally, Biden’s side explained: “In case Russia invades Ukraine more…” It means that Crimea will not be more in Russia, the deal is okay, get well soon.

Of course, the US has intelligence assessments about Russia. But it is also possible that campaigns will take place to prepare the conditions for the war scenario.

It is difficult to find out who wants what under these conditions. Because this is the work of great powers that have the capacity to manage chaotic conditions. Others just express intent: They say don’t fight, agree.

Economic sanctions against Russia have not yet been imposed by the West. I wonder if the West creates the conditions to implement it the moment it says “there is an economic sanction obligation”? Because there is resistance that can come from within the West itself. The oligarchs are standing…

There are already winners and losers. Because energy prices increase, stock markets are affected… Countries selling oil and natural gas, including Russia, increase their earnings.

Europe has suggested: that Ukraine should not announce joining NATO these days. Diplomacy channels are still working. There is constant conversation traffic at the level of presidents or prime ministers.

NATO will meet next week. It’s about determination against Russia!

If there is really going to be a false flag operation, will the leaders at both ends accept the war without considering it? That would be suicide.

I talked about the idea of ​​strategic restraint. I wrote these articles against those who rang the war bell. While we should hear the words of restraint, we see the movements of tension.

Who will make mistakes? Who will be cornered? On whose initiative will tensions be sustained and some gains achieved? The US side sees all these processes in the Full Spectrum War. If war bells are ringing, the meaning is clear; strategic deterrence.

Let’s write down a few words in history… Invasion with Soft Power is called democracy, and occupation with Hard Power is called war. Even when you want to get a right without fighting, they will definitely confront you with the war, you need to create the strategy accordingly!

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Gursel Tokmakoglu

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