Donbass and Mariupol


The war between Ukraine and Russia continues with all its heat. Mariupol and Donbass Operations are the hot topics these days. It seems that the real battles will continue in Donbass. Even next month’s prominent topic will be Donbass. Let’s review the second phase of the operation, which Russia calls “Special Operations”, as of this last week, in terms of land, air and naval forces, with its important developments.

DEVELOPMENTS – “Peace has moved away”

In the atmosphere created by the Moskva Cruiser in the Ukraine-Russia War, we spent a period in which the weapons and ammunition aids of the USA and its partners continued to increase to the Ukrainian side. The military factory in Kyiv (Kiev), the production site of the Neptune anti-ship missiles launched on the Moskva Cruiser, was hit by a missile by Russia. Likewise, Russia launched a missile attack on a warehouse near the city of Lviv against the military aid from the West.

There is an important point regarding the impact of the main issues on the war, including the deaths of many civilians in the Bucha withdrawal during the period and Zelensk describing it as a “massacre” and the sinking of Russia’s Flagship Moskva Cruiser in the Black Sea. Ukraine’s leaders also believe that hopes for a ceasefire and peace have been postponed. The bitter face of war, then, is inflamed with increasing intensity.

During this time, Russia put its troops, which it supported with reinforcement battalions, into a new organization and tried to give them new targets. Russia had withdrawn its troops from Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. He took the tired ones to rest. He brought in an additional 11 Tactical Battalions from within the country and from South Ossetia. In terms of logistics, he took measures to bring newer units to the field.

It was a logistical heavy test for the prominent and memorable Russian and Ukrainian forces in the Kyiv and Chernihiv region. In this case, the Battle of Donbass will also be followed from the logistics point of view. How will the weapons and ammunition given by the USA and its partners be used by Ukraine at the front, and will the Russian side repeat the logistics mistakes it made in February and March in Donbass?

In this case, the Near and Far Isolation Missions that the Russian Air Force can perform may change the balance. Combat (tactical) intelligence and tactical cover and deception activities must be applied for the success of Near and Far Isolation missions.

There was a news in Reuters that the training of howitzer and radar devices given to Ukraine by the USA will be carried out by American experts. In that case, the points related to such trainings, the warehouses of US aid supplies, and even the transfer of weapons and ammunition to the operational areas will be carefully investigated by Russia.


“Fight the enemy where he is not,” says Sun Tzu. In this case, there is Russia in the Donbass region, against Ukraine. Therefore, we can say that it is a difficult time for both sides.

In the Donbass Operation, Russia started an attack on the Rubizhne, Severodonetsk and Lysychans’k regions with a total of 76 Tactical Battalions, starting from the evening hours yesterday (April 18). In the same region, Ukraine has 7 Brigades in defense.

Russia had previously entered the Izium region. The troops there gathered in the north of Kromotorsk-Slovyansk, in the west of Rubizhne and Popasna. Ukrainian forces are considering a counterattack from Kharkiv to Shevchenkove to prevent troops at Izium from moving south and closing off the back of the Russian offensive line. Whether this will happen will be determined in the coming days.


On April 17, Russian calls to “surrender” were made to the Ukrainian army in Mariupol. The operation has continued with increasing intensity since this time.

Mariupol is of great importance for Russia. When this place is taken by the Russians, both the Sea of Azov will be completely under Russian control and the Crimea-Donbass bridge will be completely connected.

Russian pressure is at its peak in Mariupol. After the Russian attack on the metalworks, the last remaining 503rd Battalion withdrew to the Azovstal area. The 68th Russian Regiment controlled the north of Azovstal. From the east, the 150th Russian Regiment and Chechen fighters are advancing into Azovstal.

In Mariupol Azovstal, mainly for the defense of Ukraine, the 36th Amphibious Brigade and the Azov Brigade are located. Russia calls the Azov Brigade “Neo-Nazi”. This Azov Brigade uses distinctive symbols. They are fighting the Chechen warriors.

There are no Ukrainian troops remaining in the port area. The Russian 810th Amphibious Brigade entered here. Suleyman Mosque is also in this region.


Russian forces are mining the roads and surrounding the Kherson region they have captured, thus taking precautions to prevent Ukrainian forces from entering this region.


Russia has deployed additional fighter-bombers to the Voronezh square. Flanker and Fencer fighter-bombers are stationed in this square, as well as helicopters and transport aircraft.

Finally, Su-34 planes were displayed. Here is the SU-34 configuration:

  • Under-wing Kh-29T air-to-ground missile
  • Under-wing outer R-73/R-74M air-to-air missile
  • SAP-14 ECM pod under fuselage


The FSB has arrested the Deputy Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Ossipov.

Let’s review the remaining Russian Naval Fleet in the Black Sea.

  • 6 Submarines: Kilo Class
  • 5 Frigates: 2 Krivak and 3 Grigorovich Class
  • 20 Corvettes: 3 Bykov, 4 Buyan-M, 6 Grisha, 2 Dergach and 5 Tarantul Class
  • 9 Minesweepers: 3 Alexndrit, 5 Natya and 1 Gorya Class
  • 19 Amphibians: Various Class


The categories of targets that the Russian military can hit with aircraft and missiles in Ukraine can be:

  • Train stations
  • All air and sea ports
  • Logistics infrastructure points, facilities and bridges
  • Power lines and stations
  • Weapons/ammunition depots and factories
  • Command and control centers
  • Air defense systems.

NOTE: Due to intellectual property rights, you can use this information by reference.

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