Russia as a Target of Global Strategic Isolation


Discussions have grown and are focusing on the possibility of a Third World War. Spreading fear before such a war breaks out is another argument. However, looking at the developments, while the Ukraine War was taking place, there was an unfamiliar Global Economic War. Today, I am taking this issue one step further, I have passed the Economic War, the USA and its Partners are following a method that directly targets the National Power elements in a way that will provide a global and strategic effect to Russia. I named it Global Strategic Isolation.

You haven’t heard the phrase Global Strategic Isolation before. It is normal that you do not hear it, it is used for the first time. As a dominant power, it is a very different claim to be able to show determination on a coordinated ball of sanctions that covers the whole spectrum of this scale. This is a new title for our world. The question is, how come the USA and its partners can think that they can make Russia give up with such a ball of sanctions? We are faced with many astonishing issues, but we must answer this question. If we don’t, we won’t quite understand what’s going on!

I compiled the amazing topics and wrote Post-Ukrainian. This is a stunning article, I recommend checking it out. In this way, it will be possible for us to analyze the present and the future better.

You’ve heard of the word “sanctions,” but you may not be very familiar with the military term “isolation.” The strategic equivalent of the work done by the USA and its partners on Russia is global isolation. I would like you to look at the matter from this perspective.

This is a different war; The rules and consequences are quite different. Because it’s new! The war as we know it was won only on the battlefield; however, it has been seen in the global atmosphere today that the wars have already spilled over from the battlefields! How Does?

There is an ongoing war on the Ukrainian front, a war in which armed people face off. In this period of the twenty-first century, the Russian army says to Ukraine, “this geography is mine”, with the war weapons and tools left over from the Cold War or which it is trying to modernize to a lesser extent.

What are Russia’s arguments for the war? “I will eliminate the neo-Nazi movement. I will not allow NATO to invade Ukraine. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers.”

There is a war going on with this argument. In this century, a country is on the verge of being invaded. Millions of women and children have already fled this country because of the war. Just two weeks ago, there was talk of diplomacy, it was said that war would not be like this, but unfortunately it was not possible to avoid encountering the terrible face of firearms. In summary, the President of the United States of America Joe Biden and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin face off.

So the main parties of this war are the USA and Russia. On one side of the war is the United States and its Partners. Ultimately, this side’s method (as expressed in the Biden Doctrine) was the Global Strategic Isolation, implemented using Smart Force with the Alliance and Partners. Let me repeat, we know this as Sanction. After all, the USA and its partners think that with this method, they can bind Russia to their own order. What is this? Thus, leaving the Oligarchic Capitalism, Russia will move to Liberal Democratic Capitalism. This means that Putin kneels down. In this case, will Putin kneel, which should be expected? So against what? Against those who make decisions about Russia, which is subjected to the Global Strategic Isolation. These become oligarchs, deep-rooted state bureaucracy or other factors come into play…

Now let’s explain the other side. The ultimate goal of the Russian Federation, led by Putin, is clear: to impose their sphere of influence and existing systems on the United States and its Partners. In other words, not to change, to act like the Russian Tsarist. In order to achieve this goal, Russia uses the method it knows very easily, and it was like that in history: Hard Power. Russia is not surprised: “If you want World War III or Nuclear War, stop me, otherwise get out of my way,” he says.

In such a situation, the Ukrainian people and President Zelensky are kind of stuck together. What they say is very clear: “Ukraine is already at war, the issue of World War III concerns you, not my people, NATO should go to war, strategic and operational support should be given. Right now the Ukrainian people are fighting for the democracy and freedom of Europe.”

Until now, Ukraine’s admission to NATO and the EU, NATO’s enlargement, etc. we talked about. This did not happen in this period, it is not known whether it will happen in the future. But NATO says, “I only protect the Alliance.” It came to the border with Ukraine. It provides indirect support here. If there is to be a World War, it will only happen if NATO is used. How would NATO get involved? It will happen if Russia attacks one of the Alliance countries. Another issue is if nuclear weapons are used, even at the tactical level. In other words, the situation is very, very tense not only for the region but for the whole world.

After explaining the situation of the parties and the global risks like this, let me talk about the Global Strategic Isolation again. Why am I not saying sanctions, but using the term isolation? The difference is this: If the sanctions are implemented within the framework of all the National Power Elements of Russia, which is a dominant power, the real name of this is Strategic Isolation in this age.

Let’s look at the Elements of National Power: Geographical Power, Psycho-Social Power, Political Power, Economic Power, Military Power, Transportation and Communication Power, Scientific and Technological Power, Biographical Power.

If you look at the sanctions that were announced and started to be implemented against Russia, you can very well see that these are not just economic sanctions. The applied Strategic Isolation covers all of these elements. I won’t list one by one…

Such a global state of isolation is easy to declare and difficult to implement. So why was it applicable in this era? First, the conjuncture was prepared accordingly; secondly, with today’s technology (in the context of the returns of the Fourth Industrial Revolution) it has become a viable issue. Because, some issues such as the coordination of such an application, its accounting, the fact that the damage can be covered from other areas, gave a structure that can only be dared in this age. This is the first and it’s loaded!

So, do those who have seen Joe Biden as a weak leader and the USA as a country sliding towards extinction, insist that they have the same thought if they can implement such a grand strategy? We’ll see. Because if we ask “Putin or Biden,” the result will show us the winner of this great tug-of-war. But will this be limited only to the geography of Ukraine? This is how the USA and its Partners want it to be today. Zelensky suffers because of this. Or will there be a World War? Are we going to face this historical great event as humanity?

NOTE: Due to intellectual property rights, you can use this information by reference.

Gursel Tokmakoglu

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