Revolution and Politics

29 Nisan 2022

From whatever angle we look at the rivalry between the USA and Russia, and the hostility in a further step, we will make the most accurate and comprehensive explanation. Where does the Ukraine issue fit into this hostility?

Is globalization an enemy? It is not. Globalization is a point reached by natural development, it is a state that emerged as a result of the development of a free market economy. While the process of globalization is still going on, if one of the power centers is developing their own interests by exploiting other nations, this is wrong. In that case, enemies emerge both because of the exploiters in this process or because of the status quoists who do not accept the nature of globalization.

In this case, the result of the existence of a conflict in this intense interaction environment created by globalization is also natural. In this emerging conflict atmosphere, those who take adequate precautions will ultimately survive, otherwise they will weaken because they cannot keep up with the times. Thus, we can talk about two concepts: “globalist” and “anti-globalization”. The globalist is the one who exploits, that there are tendencies of such exploitation within every system, even within religions. If they are anti-globalization, those who do not understand this natural development at all, who cannot choose the real threat, who knowingly want the society to take sides even though they see the threat, and who hope to grow with this cunning, are the status quoists.

In the process of globalization, the Fourth Industrial Revolution also took place. Revolution! Not being able to grasp the Fourth Industrial Revolution while examining globalization is a great shortcoming. However, this two describes a whole. This is important, while the winds of interaction and radical change in the emerging energetic environment are increasing, at the same time, abusers and status quoists enter into various competition and interest calculations both with each other and with the new actors in the environment. In such an atmosphere, new hostilities and areas of conflict arise.

Now let’s think about all this change and interaction, even the conflict-prone environment. The current dominant actors engage in a great struggle to get the most out of the developing system. Since the atmosphere and conditions of domestic and foreign policy change, there are no concepts and institutions that remain unaffected.

For example, since the United States of America is a leading actor, it may take the lead in the global arena and may want to lead at home and abroad. It can even feed an actor like China while developing globalization, which has proven to be the case. After a while, China became its rival, this is another result. A power like the USA can make a Grand Strategy in this sense, launch campaigns against other powers and countries, and guide the competition with its own game rules. All of this is shaped by the political scene. Policy! Political institutions, figures, orders and global capital forces that develop or change under the influence of the dominant actor are together, they adopt a common political direction and target on the basis of an agreement. This situation is determined as doctrine, strategy and policy. In fact, there is a great consensus behind the set simple sentences.

Is it the end of globalization? No. Globalization is still maturing and as I mentioned, it is just at the beginning with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This maturing, globalizing and revolutionary world is busy building its own ecosystem. Just like newborn planets… Who are those who talk about the end of globalization? These can only be the status quo.

Then, if we consider the Russian Federation, a dominant power representing those who represent the status quo, and the United States of America, where abuse can easily develop, we see the following at first glance: The status quo Russian side propagates with the theme “globalization is over, nationalism will be abolished by globalists”. The abusive US side, on the other hand, propagandizes with the theme that “authoritarian regimes have come to an end, new nations will emerge, freedom and democracy will come”. Those in between, who do not understand these two, are thrown to various places.

At this point, the dominant power (USA), which has absorbed the energy of Globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution before, begins to dominate its rival power (Russia) with its unique policy, grand strategy and implementation success. Implementation success is achieved by moving faster, being inclusive, planning based on the ability to manage chaotic conditions, introducing technology to the field with different and innovative applications, using cyberspace more for one’s own advantage, and having greater knowledge of information. Look, what I am expressing in this power struggle is not classical quantitative elements such as the number of tanks, guns or planes.

But by the way, let me remind you that dominant powers like the USA have an advantage because they can place all developments in their systems, policies, institutions, laws and production lines by acting before their rivals, even though they have newly determined.

The intelligence and capacity of the USA (which I will not give an example from its own institutions, they are already spontaneous, let me give an example from the outside) can think that it is necessary to change the most powerful security organization in the world immediately, and the North Atlantic Pact Organization is re-organizing NATO, giving it a new example. imposes a global mission. In 2020, NATO made the mention of “deepened partners” in its vision and also stipulated structuring in the field of “cyberspace”. In NATO’s 2030 vision, Cyber ​​and Space Force Commands were active and started to be implemented. Then, in 2022, it accepted the “technology development” issue, yet its corporate structures and returns are just emerging. Such institutional changes are made by taking the opponents first and they can be kept ready to take on the task immediately.

Is it about war? Look at the USA, it can immediately deploy its Full Spectrum Warfare model, Intelligent Force application, Cyber-Space supremacy, autonomous, semi-autonomous and robotic systems, Zero-Loss Warfare tools. It can impose sanctions on Russia. It can make a global accounting of the economic part of these sanctions. The USA does not only support arms and ammunition to Ukraine, which is fighting against its rival Russia, which it wants to weaken, but also carries out Full Spectrum Attacks. Among them, there is Full Spectrum Isolation, which includes economic-commercial sanctions. Moreover, it provides support to Ukraine in many areas, from cyber-space to technology or from intelligence to command-control. Moreover, the USA does this with the power of the Anglosphere union, together with the G7 countries it formed in March 2020, with global actors such as the European Union and NATO, or with countries that include other actors such as global companies. Whether you call it global or exploitative, but according to today’s conditions, the success of the USA, which implements a strategy against the status quo Russia, cannot be underestimated. This capacity exists and it is planned that it is implemented. In the success of this USA and its practices, there are so many topics and events that are open to abuse that there are not enough pages to list here. However, it must be admitted that we are faced with the applications of expressions such as Grand Strategy, Struggle for Domination in this age.

So if someone has expressed this natural state today, would they be Globalist, American, Atlanticist, anti-Russian, or anti-Nationalist? No. On the contrary, those who think like this have a problem with fundamental change or their personal interests are being damaged, there have always been such people in history. If the conflicts here spread to the political ground according to a certain geography or focus within the country, even major conflicts may occur here. Such conflicts or turbulent periods are the known side effects of the revolutions taking place in the world. Then, in these conditions of change with high natural energy, someone consciously provokes others so that they can gain a comfortable advantage. The issues that are not understood or turned into questions over time also originate from this.

There may be those who see the Starlink project in the atmosphere of the world as a threat to Elon Musk, who has global power and announced the program to transport humanity to the planet Mars. However, the world does not bring the budget for this from another planet. When the year comes to 2027, each of these global actors will carry humanity to unbelievable levels whether they are accepted or not. As an example, it is possible to look at the issue of global power through Elon Musk. However, for example, there may be some people who think very simply, “You are partnered with Elon Musk, you are the enemy with the USA.” Here is all the simplicity; here we are only talking about an idea caught between globalization and political interest.

So what will the war of the future be like? Let’s study our lesson first, digest the subject of Neomedievalism well, then I will present the war of the future to you.

NOTE: Due to intellectual property rights, you can use this information by reference.

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